As an educator and mental health clinician, I guide teachers and educational front-line workers engage in the conversation around mental health and wellness : 

Mental Health Intervention in the Classroom /L’intervention en santé mentale en salle de classe

This workshop helps teachers and educational front-line workers understand how to have a positive impact on the mental health of their students by initially engaging in meaningful self-reflection. Educators and front-line educational professionals are also guided in their efforts to create optimal learning environments, as we expand the focus of learning and growth to include  mental health and wellness perspectives. 

Studies have shown that mental health and wellness in the classroom and school environment significantly impact a student's ability to thrive, both personally and academically.  This workshop is designed to help educators and front-line workers develop additional skills and insights as they engage in the conversation of all things mental health, wellness and resilience building in their students.

This workshop has two primary goals. First, to allow teachers and educational front-line workers the opportunity to reflect on their own mental and emotional balance. Second, to shift perspectives in order to allow positive growth in their role as teachers and leaders in their student’s lives. This workshop offers information, insights and actionable tools for educational professionals committed to creating optimal learning environments for all students.